When driving long distances, it is almost always necessary to take at least a few restroom breaks in order to have a safe journey. Taking restroom breaks can put your travel schedule behind on time. There are a few steps that you can take to prevent frequent stops during your trip.

1. Watch What You Drink

One of the most common reasons that restroom breaks are necessary during long road trips is because you may be drinking more than you actually need. Sitting in the car for hours on end can become boring. Drinking a beverage may be a way to keep you awake and alert. The problem is that after consuming too many drinks, the bladder becomes full and a restroom break is a must. Always make sure to use the restroom before you leave the house when taking a long trip. After you are in the car, try not to drink very much so that less bathroom breaks are needed.

2. Watch What You Eat – Needing to use the restroom can also be caused by what you have eaten that day or even the day before. If there are certain foods that you know may make you have to use the bathroom, avoid eating them for several days before your planned road trip. Eating plain foods during road trips is recommended because you never know what may make you sick in the car. If you or someone else that is coming on the trip have had bathroom problems before the trip, bring along medicine that may help.

3. Use The Bathroom During Food Stops

Everyone needs to eat something during a long road trip. After stopping to get a bite to eat, ensure that everyone in your party has used the restroom. Children may say that they do not have to go, but may the complain that they need to use the bathroom just minutes after. Simply using the restroom after food breaks will prevent additional stops from being made.

4. Bring A Bottle Or Cup

Driving long distances without any restroom breaks at all may prove to be quite difficult. Although this is the safest or most sanitary option, bring a bottle or cup along in the car that can be used in times of need. It is recommended to pull over before attempting this.

5. Concentrate On Driving

Keep your eyes on the road and concentrate on driving. Thinking about getting where you need to go next will help to keep your mind off of needing to use the bathroom. If a restroom break is a must, no trip is worth making yourself sick over.

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